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Ayse Birsel Bibi Seck by Omar Victor Diop
Ayse Birsel

Ayse Birsel is the Co-founder and Creative Director of the award-winning design and innovation studio, Birsel+Seck, and the creator of Design the Life You Love, a coursework and book that teaches non-designers how to create a meaningful life using her design process, Deconstruction:Reconstruction™, and its tools.

Bibi Seck

Bibi Seck is the Co-founder of the award-winning design and innovation studio, Birsel+Seck, and the founder of Dakar Next, a design studio-laboratory in Dakar, Senegal. Bibi was born in Paris and spent his formative years in London, Paris and Dakar. He received his Master’s degree in industrial design in 1990 from ESDI, Paris.

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Ayse has been designing award-winning products for over twenty years. Called the “Queen of Toilets” and “Queen Bee” for her innovative products, she is known for bringing new solutions to old problems and for her humanistic design approach.

A blend of east and west, she was born and raised in Turkey, and now calls New York her home since coming here on a Fulbright Scholarship 20+ years ago to attend Pratt Institute. She lives there with her husband and partner, Bibi Seck, and their three children, who continue to inspire her life’s design.

Ayse is the recipient of numerous awards including the 2001 Young Designers Award from the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Athena Award for Excellence in Furniture Design from Rhode Island School of Design. Her work can be found in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Before moving to New York in 2003, Bibi was lead designer at Renault for 12 years and has extensive experience in materials and manufacturing, and guiding large design teams through complex problems.

Bibi Seck led the interior design teams for several production vehicles, including the Scenic I, Twingo II, Trafic, and Scenic II. Scenic I (1996) and Trafic (2002) won Car of the Year awards from the European trade press. While at Renault, Bibi designed the F1 Micrograph watch for Tag Heuer, winning the prestigious 2002 Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.

Bibi has taught at Strate College School of Design and Management in Paris, at Université Technologique de Compiegne, and most recently at Pratt Institute.

Originally from Senegal, Bibi is dedicated to bringing good design practices to West Africa, demonstrating the value of design as an economic resource in developing countries.

In support of Ayse and Bibi are a core team of business professionals, strategists, managers, and designers, as well as a network of research, interaction design, modeling and prototyping, writing, photography, videography and other collaborators with complementary skills.

Seda Evis

Seda Evis is the Director of Strategy at the award-winning design and innovation studio, Birsel+Seck.

Leah Caplan

Leah Caplan is the Director of Design and Project Management at Birsel +Seck.

Lee Iley

Lee has been a freelance consultant since 2009. He lives and works in New York City.

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Seda is a business strategist and conceptual thinker with extensive experience in technology, operations, planning, design and design management. She develops new business models, experiences, services and products, delivering human-centered solutions to clients like GE, Nissan, Staples, Toyota and others.

She has a firm grasp of making growth, products, teams and projects happen. Seda has demonstrated ability to make insightful connections across a great amount and diversity of information and deliver concise value propositions, leading to competitive advantage.

She brings left and right brain thinking together, with one feet in business and other in design. Seda earned an MBA and has an undergraduate in urban design and planning from Middle East Technical University.
Leah has worked with Ayse for more then 15 years. They have also co-taught at Pratt Institute where in addition Leah taught Professional Practices at the Product Design school.

Leah brings a wealth of experience from her 20+ years in the design industry, working on both the client and agency side, in the areas of branding, retail, packaging, graphics and product design. She and Ayse have worked together on projects for clients including Herman Miller, Target, Johnson & Johnson, and GE.

She has a BA from Washington University in St. Louis and completed Post-Undergraduate work in Graphic Design at The School of Visual Arts in NYC.
Dreading the possibility of having to write a bio in the future, Lee decided to leave academia and pursue the more visual and tactile path of textile design and clothing construction in the West Country of England. There he nurtured a passion for the musician David Sylvian, Color, Pattern, Shape, and Form. In that order.

He changed direction to Graphic Design early in his career after learning the principles behind Design Thinking: “When applying good typography, information hierarchy and clear visual clues, graphic design becomes a powerful tool. It can either change a person’s perspective of the world around them, or simply just make their lives a little easier.”

Being raised in the brutal playgrounds of Suburban London, Lee decided to spend his adulthood in the more tranquil city of New York.

What We Do


We bring simplicity, systems-thinking and humanism to the complex problems of life, work, experiences, products and business.

We resolve dichotomies and find simplicity on the other side of complexity. We combine our client’s insider expertise with our outsider insights to create unique value. We help by seeing what’s missing and what’s being forgotten.

We break down complexity to see through the fundamental versus relative. We reconstruct a new set of integrated principles and envision new products, systems, services, businesses and life.

Empathy, simplicity, and sustainability are central to our work. So is thinking as global citizens. We are active in global markets including the US, EU, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

How We Think


IT IS THE RED THREAD THAT RUNS THROUGH ALL OUR WORK. Also known as DE:RE™, our proprietary creative process helps to break preconceptions, shift one’s point of view to see things from a different perspective, and solve to create new value within existing constraints.


  • Deconstruction helps break down the whole to see the parts without the links that form preconceptions.
  • Point of View lets one see the same constraints and problems in a different light, as opportunities and solutions.
  • Reconstruction is the other side of Deconstruction, deciding on what matters most to create a new and more valuable whole.
  • Expression is a tangible solution that can be prototyped, tested and refined, to bring to life a unique and desired product or experience.

Who We Work With


We love our work and the people we work with. We collaborate with progressive leaders across the globe, entrepreneurs and social innovators.

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